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2017-07-16 11:10 pm

there should be a dreamwidth mobile app

we need an app for dreamwidth x_x
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2017-04-17 03:06 am
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Souls from Lullabies

It reminds me of childhood right? :3

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2015-12-08 11:16 pm

John Lennon

Today we remember John Lennon's death :[
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2014-07-10 11:51 pm
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The World Wars - opening scene

I don't know if any of you are fans of WWI and WWII documentaries and stuffs like that, but when i found out that History Channel was gonna put this new mini series "The World Wars", i really got excited and now i'm obssessed with it. I google it and save any pics about it and also, the actor in the series that has the role of "Young Adolf Hitler", he is wow...o_o, his name is Maximilian Klas, he's german. *sighs* @_@. I also saw the extended version of it in H2 and it was even better. There were new characters too :D

The opening song and scene of The World Wars is awesome :D

Can't get enough of the song ^_^

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2014-07-06 05:20 pm



To all Beatles and Mclennon fans

Today, July 6, we celebrate the day where John Lennon meet for the first time Paul McCartney, creating the best music partnership. I wish that John was here as well. He probably would have been thinking about it.

I'm glad they met :D

Happy 6th of July!!

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2014-07-03 01:34 am

What happened to Beatle_boot's fics?

OMG!!! What happened to Beatle_boot? I went to read th fic "No Such Thing As Bad Weather", and saw that the page was not found and then later saw that the account was deleted :/ I really wanted to read that fic, it's one my fave fics from Beatle_boot. Does anyone know if there is another way to read Beatle_boot's fics? Pleaseeeeee

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2014-06-27 11:11 pm

Sorta unfair...

"you have been banned from commenting in this journal."

I am a member of Mclennonland but I can't comment on the posts from Mclennonland? :/why the hell not?!? it is just weird and a bit unfair...
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2014-01-26 10:12 pm

hmmm dramione..?

I was watching this anime in Youtube called "kaichou wa maid-sama" for some reason the main characters misaki and usui, remind me of Draco and Hermione, idk if it is the way they act around each other or how they physically look, you know blonde hair, also misaki is very hard working and usui always teases her and all that. idk I just thought it was like dramione. im starting to like this couple xD.
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2013-10-08 09:56 pm
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For John


Hello!! This is emmel14!! :D since all you know about John's birthday coming up, i would like that all my beatle friends, in honor of John's birthday, to use your John userpic all day on October 9th. I wanted to do a picspam but i already did that last year and i thought this would be a really cool idea to remember John. By the way, i put this little pic of him :D (From AHDN). Hope you like it. I do not own this pic (got this from tumblr).

And finally, Happy Birthday John!!

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2013-08-18 08:21 pm

To all my beatle slash friends..

Hello!!! this is emmel14 again. I have a question to my beatle slash friends who have an AO3 account. I do know that [livejournal.com profile] jpgr1963 has an account. I do have an account there, i have a link on my journal that will lead you there. I also have read jpgr1963's fics here in LJ and also in AO3, as well the fic "Dominus" by JPKenwood. They are all amazing!. I'm a newbie in AO3, so that's why i'm asking if you had an account there but it's okies if you don't. I just wanted more friends there. Thanks!! :D

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2013-08-01 09:54 pm

fic request

Hello people! it's me again, with a fic request. It's a beatles fic request, i think it was a John/Paul fic that i read a long time ago and i forgot the name of it and who wrote it. The fic is about that Paul has a magazine and at the end  of the magaziine, there is a pic of John and Cyn with a headline saying the best couple something like that and also John was a pic of Paul and Jane on the same magazine and got jealous or something and then Paul shows him the last pic of him and cyn. So please, anyone, could you help me find this fic or if there is a fic like this? Thanks!!! :D

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2013-06-26 08:17 pm
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Title: Mine
Author: emmel14
Summary: He is John’s. Forever.
Warnings: Rated  R.
Authors notes: I know I said that I would try to do drabble (100 words) and also that it would rated pg-13 but I came up this short story that I hope you guys like it! Enjoy

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2013-06-20 08:18 pm
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For some reason i can't do NC-17 fics for any type of fic. I don't know why...i thought that maybe it was because i wouldn't be able to do a good one or mess it up or something but if i do a drabble for beatlesslash or harry potter or anything else, then it probably would have to be pg-13 and i think that is something maybe not a lot of people would like to read. So yeah...maybe if i post a drabble then probably expect a pg-13 one...

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2013-06-04 08:48 pm


I don't know if any of you remember me posting a fic called "The Switch"? Well i decided to abandon it because my friend who help me with it just lost contact with me and we couldn't finish it, so if anyone would like take it from my hands to make it better, go head, i was trying to make it better but i rather stick to drabbles. You probably thought that i already abandoned it way before without posting a note to say that i was abandoning it but yesh i am. Probably you all think of me as a lazy person (which is true) since i don't want to write long fics but it's just that i can't think of anything good and if i do think of something good, then it's short like a drabble. That's why i rather do drabble of anything i guess, (mostly beatlesslash stuffs you know). So for all of you that wanted me to continue with this fic, I am so  so so so sorry, it's my fault. Also, i really would like for you to read my drabble when i decided to post them okies? i just really need good ideas for drabbles. Thanks you for understanding this, i hope you can enjoy my future drabbles.
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2012-10-09 03:50 pm


Happy Birthday John and look at the last pic...*drools* )

Happy Birthday John!!! :D All of your fans miss you so much especially your wierd twisted humor hahahahaha xD lol and ALSO i would like for my LJ friends to say a little comment on your birthday :D.
So please, a little birthday wish for John right there.



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 \   /

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2011-12-25 09:19 pm
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2011 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards for Artist of the Year, vote for Paul!!.

This is the link ---> http://ultimateclassicrock.com/2011-ultimate-classic-rock-awards-artist-of-the-year/

On January 3, the winners will be announced, so all of you Beatles fans, VOTE FOR PAUL!!!! :D

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2011-12-22 05:50 pm
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The Switch Chap.1

Title: The Switch
Author: emmel14
Summary: John and Cyn exchange bodies, and problems begins.
Warnings: Slashy, a J/P fic :D woot!!! and wierdness too!!
Authors notes: I'm sorry that this took long and that is very short, please, but my friend Leah was busy with something else so couldn't help me at the moment, so i decided to do it. I hope you like it!! :D

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