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Title: The Switch
Author: emmel14
Summary: John and Cyn exchange bodies, and problems begins.
Warnings: Slashy, a J/P fic :D woot!!! and wierdness too!!
Authors notes: I'm sorry that this took long and that is very short, please, but my friend Leah was busy with something else so couldn't help me at the moment, so i decided to do it. I hope you like it!! :D

John's P.O.V (inside Cyn's body)

Sunlight came through the bedroom’s window. Ugh, i hate mornings, sometimes i wish that life should just be nighttime, i just

really love sleeping. Haha. But whatever, i sat up and stretched my arms upwards.


Ahhh, that really felt good, it felt like as if was stuck there for a long time and didn’t want to pop out, oh well. I pushed myself out

of my warm bed-- Wait a sec; I look back towards the bed and i notice that I'm on Cyn’s side which is the left side. Hmm...maybe

i just rolled over somewhere in the night when i was asleep. I look towards the lump that was under the covers; At least she still

asleep. I chuckled remembering yesterday night. That was some fun and of course i can’t forget Paul’s call, oh yeah, what a

great friend he is, best friend my arse. I got up, but for some reason i felt a little lighter than usual, but i just ignored it, i just

wanted to go back to my bed. Oh well, might as well now that i’m up, i should just go wash up. I walked towards my wardrobe

and took out my black pants, a white shirt and a pair of briefs, took my towel and walked to the bathroom. When i walked inside

and look my self in the mirror, the first thought that came to my mind--
Cyn!?!. I was looking at this woman with long blonde hair,

brown eyes and the expression that this woman was wearing didn’t help either, she had wide eyes and her mouth was wide

open. My hands shook violently when i reached towards her cheek, i touched it and it felt soft, warm but what scared me was

i felt it!!.

I screamed, at the top of my lungs. The reflection in the mirror did the same and now for sure, i knew that it was me!!.

Then i some rustling noises, footsteps and someone stumbled inside the bathroom and what i saw would probably scarred me

for life.

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